The new ID. Buzz

Welcome to the ID Family. Fully electric, fully connected, full of new ideas.

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The ID. Buzz is brimming with big ideas. A van, a mobile living space, or a creative hub - it can be almost anything you want it to be. One of our big ideas in the ID. Buzz is the variable space concept. This innovative interior design opens up new space for you and your family. Thanks to the AR head-up display, finding even the most remote spot is much easier. Enjoy the freedom to discover the great outdoors and sleep under the stars; head to the coast to feel the sand between your toes; or simply visit an old stomping ground. When the ID. Buzz welcomes you with your personalised greeting, it’s an invitation to explore.

The ID. Buzz is designed to be loved by the whole family. Premium comfort, thoughtful interior design and - in the not too distant future - fully automated driving blend to create a stress-free experience. Soon the driver will become the passenger, meaning you’ll have more time to spend your journeys making memories.
ID Buzz on Obi Wan set
Great reinforcement for Volkswagen:

Ewan McGregor becomes brand ambassador
With Ewan McGregor we have brought strong reinforcement on board. The actor is an enthusiastic Volkswagen fan with his own vintage car collection, one of which he has electrified himself. As a long-time UNICEF UK Goodwill Ambassador, he campaigns for charitable causes all around the world. This makes Ewan the perfect partner for a common mission: to make future mobility more sustainable.
Ewen Mcgreggor Sat on an VW Camper
ID Buss with family in teh background
Two ID Buzzs
Ewen Mcgregor looking at the ID buzz in a workshop
Family infront of ID Buzz
Couple in front of the ID Buzz
Kids playing inside the ID Buzz