Cosmetic Warranty

The ultimate in vehicle bodywork maintenance.

Maintaining the appearance and value of your car, free from minor bodywork dents, scratched, scuffs and stone chips.

Most of us have experienced concern when deciding where to park our car without it becoming victim to door dents, bumper scuffs or scratches.

Unsightly cosmetic damage affect many cars on the road today, so you know it could only be a matter of time before your car becomes one of them.

Scratches - Minor cosmetic damage such as scratches not only spoils the appearance of your car, but could also affect its value.

Scuffs - Bumper and bodywork scuffs can make your car look scruffy, old and worn out.

Dents - Dents can often be a hazard in the car parks and it doesn't matter how careful you are, it can be the carelessness of other drivers which results in urgly blemishes.

Stone Chips - If left untreated, stone chips not only look unpleasant but can lead to more serious problems such as corrosion.

Help protect your car's appearance and value with Cosmetic Warranty.

If your car suffers minor cosmetic damage, we will arrange and pay for it to be repaired.

Banish dents up to 15cm in diameter and 3mm in depth

Scrathes can be a thing of the past and are covered up to maximum of 15cm in length and 3mm in depth.

You can enjoy the reassurance that stone chips up to 1.5cm in diameter and 3mm in depth will be repaired.

No more scuffs - these damages are covered up to 15cm in diameter and 3mm depth.