Local Business Development Manager - New Southgate

Job Purpose

The role of Business Development Manager is to promote and sell Volkswagen cars to Local Business (1-24 car fleets), SME (25-99 car fleets) and Public Sector / NHS fleets, within their Retailer area of influence.

Reporting to the Fleet Sales Manager, the Business Development Manager will be responsible for developing incremental local business sales to improve Volkswagen’s penetration in to the True Fleet Market, and establish lasting local relationships that deliver increased aftersales opportunities, customer retention and loyalty for both the Retailer and the Brand.

Key Outputs

  • To identify and proactively develop new relationships with prospect customers, and through an effective sales process deliver incremental True Fleet sales within a defined local area of influence
  • To manage the local business opportunity within the local area of influence and record all prospecting activity through the Fleet Business Partner online portal and Retailer CRM database
  • To conduct agreed levels of telephone prospecting activity to new prospects, to deliver the required volumes of first appointments, demonstrations and proposals to achieve the agreed incremental sales objectives
  • To provide bespoke proposals to highlight the benefits of running Volkswagen cars to local prospects
  • To deliver incremental local business sales volume profitably, while maintaining an excellent sales experience for the customer
  • To promote Volkswagen Financial Services funding solutions to new prospects, to help achieve sales objectives, increase profitability and improve customer retention
  • To ensure the Fleet Business Partner online portal and Retailer CRM database contains the minimum information for each qualified prospect and customer, as defined by the Fleet Sales Excellence Programme
  • To work in conjunction with the Retailer aftersales department (post sale) to ensure the highest standards of customer care, to increase Brand loyalty and aid customer retention
  • To work with the Fleet Sales Excellence Coach and i-Coach to improve and enhance the sales process and achieve true differentiation for the sales process for Volkswagen customers; that will establish Volkswagen as one of the top-five manufacturers for customer satisfaction, and help achieve a True Fleet Market share of 17.8% in the UK by 2013


1) Proposals:

The Business Development Manager can utilise the Local Business offers from Volkswagen Fleet Services together with Retailer margin, within given parameters, to produce bespoke customer proposals and quotations

2) True Fleet Volume:

The Business Development Manager is responsible for the delivery of their True Fleet new car sales volume target (to be determined) through the achievement of their prospecting and sales process Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Personal Attributes and Skills

Be self-starting, competitive, imaginative, direct, influential, persuasive, resilient and self-confident.

  • Have an excellent understanding of the sales and aftersales process and how this benefits customer loyalty
  • Have an excellent industry knowledge gained within motor retailing
  • Have proven business development skills, through achievements in generating new business in a similar role
  • Strong communication and influencing skills, with particular focus on negotiating across a broad range of audiences (user chooser / driver, Fleet Manager, Finance / Managing Director, Owner / Proprietor).
  • Be able to build rapport and maintain long term positive relationships with customers and prospects through face to face meetings and over the phone


  • Prospectecting activity vs. Key Performance Indicators
  • Sales vs. objectives
  • Profit on sales
  • Mystery Shops
  • Customer satisfaction (CEM) and retention (repeat purchase)

Key Competencies

Being Volkswagen means that as a manager you must deliver high performance through your team

  • Define clear roles and responsibilities for your people
  • Apply high standards when recruiting
  • Communicate clear goals and targets for your people
  • Systematically track the performance of your people
  • Step in to support your people when appropriate
  • Delegate appropriately in line with people’s abilities
  • Keep your team focused on the long term aims
  • Energise your team to strive to deliver success
  • Praise good performance
  • Provide constructive feedback on performance
  • Tackle instances of underperformance quickly

Being Volkswagen means that as a manager you must make work a fulfilling experience for your people

  • Communicate inspiring long term aims to your team
  • Involve your team when making decisions
  • Make effective use of people’s talents
  • Build self-confidence in your people
  • Keep your team informed on products, services, plans and progress
  • Develop a strong team spirit
  • Trust your people with appropriate space to make their own decisions
  • Adopt an accessible, approachable style for your people
  • Encourage your people to openly express their views
  • Reward people fairly for their contribution
  • Get to know your team as individuals
  • Find ways to make work enjoyable for your people
  • Provide appropriate development for your people
  • Ensure a positive physical working environment for your people
  • Help your staff create a clear personal career path
  • Ensure new staff are properly briefed and welcomed
  • Treat your people fairly and consistently
  • Take responsibility for the actions of your staff
  • Build relationships with your people’s families

Being Volkswagen means providing an easy and enjoyable customer experience

  • Create efficient processes to ensure consistent delivery of quality and service standards
  • Repair relationships with customers in cost effective ways
  • Convince your team of the importance of good customer service
  • Act on relevant customer feedback

Being Volkswagen means committing to deliver an effective contribution

  • Set an example in enthusiasm and energy
  • Strive to improve on previous performance
  • Take tough decisions that may be unpopular
  • Act fast when faced with opportunities and threats
  • Recognise when plans need to change
  • Take calculated risks that offer potential benefits
  • Maintain a strong focus on costs and efficiency

Being Volkswagen means working constructively with your colleagues

  • Create a culture where teams pull together
  • Endorse the actions and decisions from higher up
  • Build constructive relationships with key interested parties

Being Volkswagen means making sensible decisions

  • Convert strategy into practical goals and targets
  • Create plans aligned to Volkswagen’s brand ambition
  • Create a clear and rational long term plan
  • Allocate resources in line with business priorities
  • Keep on top of the activities of multiple teams and projects
  • Resist pressure to make hasty decisions

Being Volkswagen means finding better ways to do things

  • Encourage your team to suggest improvements
  • Recognise potentially profitable new products and services
  • Look to learn from external best practice
  • Develop the capabilities of your people
  • Introduce changes sensitively
  • Overcome inertia to drive through change
  • Seek out and encourage fresh ideas
  • Convert ideas into practical actions

Being Volkswagen means making a positive impression on people

  • Hold efficient and productive meetings
  • Set a positive example in personal behaviour
  • Find memorable ways to convey information
  • Gain agreement by canvassing for support and building consensus