Sales Admin Supervisor | New Southgate

Key Tasks

Provide excellent support and administrative service to the Sales Department

  • Review all functions and tasks with the Sales Manager and advise of any discrepancies or problems encountered
  • Make appropriate weekly / monthly reports to the Sales Manager
  • Post bonus to deals after gaining authorization from the Sales Manager
  • Document and log all transactions in a structured and methodical way and maintain a systematic filing system for prompt retrieval of documentation
  • Maintain effective liaison with all members of the sales team, forming a strong sense of teamwork within the sales department, and ensure accurate and timely feedback of information to appropriate persons

Develop effective manufacturer and supplier contact

  • Ensure that all documentation is dealt with in a timely manner
  • Notify Sales Manager of all changes to manufacturer’s policies
  • Ordering cars in line with customer and manufacturer expectations

Deal efficiently with customer requests and queries to ensure total customer satisfaction

  • Ensure courteous and cost-effective use of the telephone
  • Approach all customers promptly and courteously and assist with their requests to the best of your ability
  • Keep Sales teams / customer up to date with order progress and estimated delivery times

Help retailer to achieve industry-leading standards of process efficiency and cost control

  • Complete all administrative tasks required to complete a vehicle sale, from locating the vehicle through to ordering number plates
  • Collect batch numbers for invoices and ensure accurate invoicing of all sold vehicles, including delivering and posting costs to sold vehicles
  • Check and maintain reports, including vehicle debtor report, demo stock report and monthly demo write-downs, on a timely basis
  • Maintain payment records and conduct all transactions accordingly so that all cash, cheques and charges are accounted for, following company policy for cash handling
  • Verify codes on sales orders
  • Ensure compliance to all health and safety procedures and company policy
  • Undertake other tasks and responsibilities, including training courses, as requested by the Sales Manager / Operations Manager

Key Competencies

Being Volkswagen means providing an easy and enjoyable customer experience

  • Show your customers you have understood their needs
  • Check that you have met customer needs
  • Go out of your way to make it easy for your customers
  • Keep customers informed of progress
  • Put your customers first before internal issues
  • Check your work to ensure accuracy
  • Take responsibility for resolving customer issues
  • Make realistic commitments to customers
  • Treat your customers as individuals
  • Use your initiative to consider what else the customer might need

Being Volkswagen means committing to deliver an effective contribution

  • Tackle challenges with enthusiasm
  • Try alternatives if initial efforts are unsuccessful
  • Treat your responsibilities as personal commitments
  • Willingly put in extra effort when needed
  • Respond quickly to urgent situations
  • Clarify what is required of you
  • Follow things through to resolution
  • Bounce back positively after setbacks
  • Take responsibility for your actions and decisions

Being Volkswagen means working constructively with your colleagues

  • Help out readily when colleagues have problems
  • Readily acknowledge your own mistakes
  • Place the interests of your team ahead of your personal agendas
  • Pass on useful information quickly
  • Support the actions and decisions of colleagues
  • Willingly provide advice and support to colleagues
  • Contribute actively to team discussions and activities
  • Ask for help on a timely basis

Being Volkswagen means making sensible decisions

  • Organise your work to focus on priorities
  • Take quick decisions when appropriate
  • Make efficient use of the time available to you
  • Tackle your work methodically and systematically
  • Plan carefully before acting
  • Take into account the wider impact of your decisions
  • Consult with appropriate people when making decisions
  • Validate information before acting on it
  • Draw meaningful conclusions from information
  • Make decisions based on sound reasoning
  • Identify flaws and errors quickly
  • Make objective judgements on issues
  • Tackle causes rather than symptoms

Being Volkswagen means finding better ways to do things

  • Willingly adapt to changing requirements
  • Co-operate to help make changes succeed
  • Constructively challenge existing processes and practices
  • Suggest improvements to current practices
  • Find ways to reduce inefficiency
  • Accept feedback constructively
  • Seek to improve your own capabilities
  • Learn from your own and others’ mistakes

Being Volkswagen means making a positive impression on people

  • Be open about your own shortcomings
  • Treat people with respect
  • Seek to build rapport with colleagues and customers
  • Constructively challenge others’ decisions and actions
  • Build a network of useful contacts
  • Remain calm and rational when under pressure
  • Stand up for yourself constructively when challenged
  • State your own opinions with confidence
  • Show tact when dealing with sensitive issues
  • Act with openness and integrity
  • Take care to present a professional personal image
  • Prepare persuasive arguments to convince others
  • Look for win-win solutions in negotiations
  • Convey personal pride in your organisation
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Demonstrate active listening
  • Use simple language
  • Adapt your style to suit the audience
  • Show confidence when making decisions
  • Concede gracefully when people make a more powerful case
  • Ask incisive questions to gain understanding
  • Strive to understand others’ points of view