Skoda Sales Manager | New Southgate

Key Tasks

Objective: Achieve and strive to exceed all targets and sales objectives through a well-developed and motivated sales team

  • Ensure the sales team have full knowledge and understanding of product, promotional and marketing activities, and communicate visions and goals to staff by planning and preparing thoroughly for the daily sales meeting
  • Ensure departments are adequately staffed in order to achieve departmental objectives
  • Conduct a detailed induction with all new sales personnel, and continue to monitor achievements and review individual’s performance through the company’s development review process
  • Take a pro-active interest in training and developing team members, developing skills to support improvements in job performance and to aid career advancement
  • Delegate responsibilities to appropriate personnel and monitor progress to ensure the task is completed as directed
  • Help Set monthly targets for individual salesmen with the General Sales Manager
  • Help Review analysis of CEM with staff on a regular basic
  • Complete monthly FSA compliance return to TCF
  • Review the weekly debtors reports with the General Sales Manager
  • Ensure all staff are trained in general insurance products

Working with the GSM to achieve the below objectives

Objective: Maximize sales and profitability through satisfaction and retention of customers

  • Ensure appropriate letters are sent to all customers to establish long-term marketing objectives and that all communication to the customer is clearly comprehensible and fully explained
  • Receive customers promptly and courteously at all times in accordance with Volkswagen’s quality programme
  • Work to constantly improve the quality of customer service, in accordance with Volkswagen’s guidelines and the CEM/Image builder survey
  • Consult with customers to establish their needs and continue to maintain good relationships with customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations
  • Handle dissatisfied customers calmly, resolve complaints with sensitivity, and involve others when needed
  • Evaluate complaints and define measurers, allocate responsibility and monitor progress to completion
  • Give customer information about warranty, service intervals and technical matters

Objective: Help retailer to achieve industry-leading standards of process efficiency and cost control

  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with all dealership personnel, operating a ‘share best practice’ policy, as well as representatives and staff of manufacturer
  • Monitor sales performance against current goals and targets, ensuring new and used stock levels are sufficient to meet projected sales
  • Monitor and control departmental administration and procedures, to determine operating efficiency and expenditure within budget
  • Place orders with external companies
  • Undertake all other duties and responsibilities as requested by the Brand Manager
  • Display all point of sale and advertising literature as directed by the manufacturer
  • Signing of customer order forms (contractual signatures)
  • Ensure PDI has been recorded

Objective: Ensure departmental compliance with company policies and industry guidelines

  • Ensure the correct handling of all cheque and cash transactions, compliant with company policy
  • Operate within the law at all times
  • Adhere strictly to trade plate regulations
  • Ensure all health and safety legislation and internal procedures are followed
  • Operate at all times within company policy

Objective: Sell maximum amount of finance and insurance possible in line with market share/penetration targets

  • Work closely with the vehicle sales team in planning, forecasting and revising plans
  • Develop strategies to increase business in accordance with growth plan
  • Match customers to suitable financial sources and follow up customers and lending institutions
  • Review monthly sales and profit performance to determine where improvements can be made

Objective: Achieve maximum profitability on sales of finance and insurance products

  • Establish and maintain strong links with financial institutions and lenders
  • Present customers with extended service contracts and other protection programmes during sales completion and offer accessory packages to enhance profitability

Objective: Ensure the implementation and management of sales and referral processes

  • Ensure robust and understood referral processes are in place and measured to ensure a smooth, quality transition into the finance and insurance transaction for the customer
  • Ensure suitable and appropriate measures of finance and insurance processes and performance are in place

Objective: Ensure highest degree of customer satisfaction to achieve customer loyalty

  • Ensure all customers are handled in a consistently professional manner in accordance with Volkswagen customer satisfaction programme
  • Handle dissatisfied customers calmly, resolve complaints with sensitivity, and involve others when needed
  • Establish customer’s needs to ensure customer satisfaction and retention

Objective: Work with Sales Specialist to ensure customer awareness of product range, including extended warranty and finance facilities

  • Work closely with the Brand Manager and Sales Manager/Operation Manager to support all vehicle sales campaigns, advertising and promotional activities to ensure cost-effectiveness
  • Meet regularly with the Sales Manager/Operations Manager to develop incentives and development programmes for the vehicles sales team to promote financial products and services
  • Link closely with the Business Sales Advisor/ Fleet Sales Specialist to ensure all customers receive accurate and relevant options of finance/leasing packages available
  • Coach and assist sales staff with understanding customers’ financing needs, to ensure appropriate products are offered, at the right time and enable the customer to make an informed decision

Objective: Help Retailer to achieve industry-leading standards of customer care and process efficiency

  • Record accurately all daily transactions on the management Information System
  • Ensure all cash and cheque transactions are handled appropriately
  • Review customer credit applications and sales contracts for complete information and accuracy