Technician | New Southgate

Key Tasks

Accurately and skilfully undertake the repair and servicing of motor vehicles

  • Analyse work orders to identify what work has been agreed; seek clarification from the Service Advisor if a work order is not clear or seems incorrect
  • Evaluate the condition of the vehicle
  • Document completed work orders, ensuring hours and materials used are accurately and appropriately recorded and all warranty material is kept and returned to the Warranty Clerk
  • Perform repair work as directed, within timescales and in accordance with established and documented procedures, as well as conducting routine service work on all makes of vehicle

Work with other departments in the retailer to facilitate the servicing and repair of vehicles

  • Determine which parts and tools will be required for a given repair or service and ensure their availability
  • Inform the Service Advisor and the Parts department if a part needs to be ordered
  • Ensure the security of all inventories and analyse the quality of parts

Detect and diagnose any additional faults for further repair

  • Test vehicles and provide diagnostic reports to the Workshop Controller and service reception
  • If further work is required alert the workshop controller and follow the necessary steps for making sure the customer is contacted
  • Observe, recognise and report on vehicle and component serviceability

Ensure all work is completed safely and complies with Retailer, manufacturer and industry guidelines

  • Ensure vehicles comply with industry safety standards when returned to customer and any faults have been reported and noted on the job card
  • Ensure all health and safety, environmental and recycling policies, plus all internal policies and procedures are adhered to, focusing on customer needs and building upon the professional reputation of the retail facility
  • Check the condition and ensure the correct maintenance of tools, equipment and other materials in accordance with company policy
  • Ensure all policies and practices are followed adhering to the retail and wholesale standards to build upon the professional reputation of the Retailer

Fulfil all tasks to the customer’s complete satisfaction

  • Interact directly with customers when requested, to explain vehicle problems and the corrective action taken
  • Safeguard and protect the customer’s vehicle and its contents while being repaired or serviced, ensuring adequate protection is used in every vehicle during service and repair
  • Receive customers courteously, in line with the Volkswagen quality programme

Help retailer achieve industry-leading standards of process efficiency

  • Minimise wastage of all materials, oils and fluids
  • Undertake all other tasks and responsibilities as requested by the Workshop Controller and the Service Manager
  • Supervise and train apprentice technicians as required
  • Drive and road-test vehicles in a safe and professional manner with due regard to speed limits, road law, other road users and pedestrians

Key Competencies

Being Volkswagen means providing an easy and enjoyable customer experience

  • Show your customers you have understood their needs
  • Check that you have met customer needs
  • Go out of your way to make it easy for your customers
  • Keep customers informed of progress
  • Put your customers first before internal issues
  • Check your work to ensure accuracy
  • Take responsibility for resolving customer issues
  • Make realistic commitments to customers
  • Treat your customers as individuals
  • Use your initiative to consider what else the customer might need

Being Volkswagen means committing to deliver an effective contribution

  • Tackle challenges with enthusiasm
  • Try alternatives if initial efforts are unsuccessful
  • Treat your responsibilities as personal commitments
  • Willingly put in extra effort when needed
  • Respond quickly to urgent situations
  • Clarify what is required of you
  • Follow things through to resolution
  • Bounce back positively after setbacks
  • Take responsibility for your actions and decisions

Being Volkswagen means working constructively with your colleagues

  • Help out readily when colleagues have problems
  • Readily acknowledge your own mistakes
  • Place the interests of your team ahead of your personal agendas
  • Pass on useful information quickly
  • Support the actions and decisions of colleagues
  • Willingly provide advice and support to colleagues
  • Contribute actively to team discussions and activities
  • Ask for help on a timely basis

Being Volkswagen means making sensible decisions

  • Organise your work to focus on priorities
  • Take quick decisions when appropriate
  • Make efficient use of the time available to you
  • Tackle your work methodically and systematically
  • Plan carefully before acting
  • Take into account the wider impact of your decisions
  • Consult with appropriate people when making decisions
  • Validate information before acting on it
  • Draw meaningful conclusions from information
  • Make decisions based on sound reasoning
  • Identify flaws and errors quickly
  • Make objective judgements on issues
  • Tackle causes rather than symptoms

Being Volkswagen means finding better ways to do things

  • Willingly adapt to changing requirements
  • Co-operate to help make changes succeed
  • Constructively challenge existing processes and practices
  • Suggest improvements to current practices
  • Find ways to reduce inefficiency
  • Accept feedback constructively
  • Seek to improve your own capabilities
  • Learn from your own and others’ mistakes

Being Volkswagen means making a positive impression on people

  • Be open about your own shortcomings
  • Treat people with respect
  • Seek to build rapport with colleagues and customers
  • Constructively challenge others’ decisions and actions
  • Build a network of useful contacts
  • Remain calm and rational when under pressure
  • Stand up for yourself constructively when challenged
  • State your own opinions with confidence
  • Show tact when dealing with sensitive issues
  • Act with openness and integrity
  • Take care to present a professional personal image
  • Prepare persuasive arguments to convince others
  • Look for win-win solutions in negotiations
  • Convey personal pride in your organisation
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Demonstrate active listening
  • Use simple language
  • Adapt your style to suit the audience
  • Show confidence when making decisions
  • Concede gracefully when people make a more powerful case
  • Ask incisive questions to gain understanding
  • Strive to understand others’ points of view