Watford Women's Group

UEFA Women's EURO 2022

At Alan Day we have been sponsors and partners of Watford FC Women’s team for the last 5 years. 

Men play “football”. And women play “women’s football”. Wait, what? Enough of that! We are more advanced. As football fans. And as a society. Let’s make a change together. As official mobility partner of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022™, we are launching our statement #NotWomensFootball.
Because women don’t play women’s passes and they don’t score women’s goals. Women play football. #NotWomensFootball
Our intentionally ambiguous hashtag shows that we mean business! And are striving for more equality in football. To the fans, clubs, associations, simply to everyone: Wake up! Open your eyes. Women know how it’s done. In order for people to rethink things, you sometimes have to tease them, speak uncomfortable truths, have controversial discussions, make progress, and break down prejudices in the process. Women grind and fight, always giving their all for 90 minutes. Watch them play at your neighbourhood club or in the stadium. Women are changing the game and they work just as hard as men.As the official mobility partner of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022™, Volkswagen will be kicking things off with the start of the tournament, as part of the opening game on 6 July in Manchester. There, the international hashtag ‘Women play football. #NotWomensFootball’ will pop up in bold on the banner, visible to fans all across Europe. So that everyone gets it.
That there is no women’s tackling, no women’s saves and no women’s shots. There’s just football. #NotWomensFootball
And the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022™ is just the kick-off for Volkswagen’s commitment. Our mission continues. We will stay active. With more stories, more depth, more impact. Because the topic of equality will never be fully told. We will give a voice to the women who give everything for the game.
Because women play and live and breathe football. #NotWomensFootball

Womens Football
Womens Football